Here are a collection of video classes and seminars on research and services to learn about homelessness. Watch these playlists containing several videos, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for a full playlist of informational and inspiring videos. Below are a sample of our videos from on-site conferences and trainings during 2017-2019.

Faith Summit

Wild Ideas & Innovations Conference

2018 Research Summit

Homeless Count Training


LA Podcast: A news podcast for people who live in Los Angeles. Hosted by Hayes Davenport, Scott Frazier, and Curbed’s Alissa Walker.
Gimme Shelter: The California Housing Crisis Podcast. Hosted by Matt Levin and Liam Dillon.
Housing Justice Los Angeles: Personal stories from people who have experienced homelessness and conversations with experts on the front lines of LA’s housing crisis.
Hello Dogtown: A podcast about youth homelessness.