Making a Gift to The USC Initiative to Eliminate Homelessness

The issue of homelessness is linked to severe economic need, wealth disparity, and a large gap in our social safety net.  It represents a humanitarian crisis.  USC has pledged to empower the community by using our human and intellectual capital to partner with the other major stakeholders and contribute to the common good.  Elimination of homelessness is our mutual goal, for the USC family and the larger community.  Join us as we make this important investment in positive change to create a better place for all!

Throughout its history, the University of Southern California has relied on the generosity of alumni, friends, corporations, and foundations that endorse the university’s mission of excellence.  This support has played a vital role in propelling USC into the front ranks of the world’s premier private research institutions. Now, more than ever, philanthropic funding is helping to sustain this important legacy.

The reasons for making a gift to USC are personal and varied. Perhaps you are grateful for your USC experience and want to give something back through the work of this institution. Maybe you would like to leave a legacy to benefit the greater community as well as future Trojans for generations to come. Perhaps you feel passionate about supporting the important cause of homelessness through cutting-edge research, the development of new technology, or professionals trained in state-of-the-art skills. In addition, you may wish to take advantage of the tax benefits of making a gift to the USC Initiative to Eliminate Homelessness. The Initiative is funded through contributions of the Provost and Deans of 12 USC Schools. Your support will enhance our efforts to help students who are struggling to supply their basic needs as well as expand specialized training to meet workforce needs and research/innovations to aid in the fight to end homelessness for all.

Make a donation now in support of the overall Initiative’s work or a specific strategy.

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Confirmation of USC’s Tax-Exempt Status

Confirmation of USC’s tax-exempt status is provided in the form of a letter from the district director, Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Department of the Treasury. To download a copy of this document (in PDF format), please click here.

USC’s federal tax I.D. number is 95-1642394

For more information, please contact:

Brenda Wiewel, LCSW

Director, USC Initiative to Eliminate Homeless. 213.821.2876.