The USC Initiative to Eliminate Homelessness aims to increase the capacity of Los Angeles to address homelessness. The university family of researchers, educators, students and staff are making meaningful contributions to this challenge, bringing our research and resources to address this wicked problem. Since forming in spring 2016, the Initiative has worked to define the university’s unique contribution in relation to significant efforts from government, non-profit, and business organizations across the region. A steering committee of 12 university deans has defined five strategic areas for this work to guide our efforts toward real world impact with our community partners. These strategies are designed to create force multipliers that increase capacity in the general areas of knowledge and workforce. They include student wellness, research and innovation, workforce pipeline development, policy advancement, and use of our big voice to impact public social norms. You will find a wealth of information available for each of the strategies, including current and archived materials.

Strategies to End Homelessness

Student Wellness

Understanding and addressing student food and housing insecurity.

Research & Innovation

Developing and promoting pertinent knowledge and tools

Workforce Pipeline Development

Use of classroom and experiential learning to prepare students

Policy Advancement

Impacting governance and housing development.

Big Voice

Mobilize dialogue and engagement to impact the wider community